Bluetti EB70S Portable Power Station 800W/716Wh

During power outage, we can’t enjoy hot coffee, gaming or our favorite shows at home 

The Bluetti power station is the hit!

I like the fact that it can power my fridge, TV, wifi router, literally everything during power-outage for several hours.

it’s also great for camping and other outdoor recreation, you can fully charge your phones, laptops and even use it as an outlet for outdoor parties in rural areas.

It’s around 28 lbs, not very heavy, so you can easily move it from car to tent to picnic table. 

The Lithium Iron Phosphate battery has more cycles and more stable than lithium batteries. 

Plus they have great customer service and the unit has a 2 year warranty.

I bet your buddies will love it too. 

Grab yours today! 








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