Secret Use for our S1...

I have a cool secret use for this thing I'll share with you. But first, let me point out this little flashlight is an absolute beast. When you first take it out of the carrying case, you start to worry a bit.
Even though it's durable, with a nice weight to it, it's pretty small. So I was already starting to get disappointed. Even priced at a c-note, there's no way this small flashlight can produce the kind of light I need.

Thankfully, I was wrong.

I put the included battery in, powered the flashlight on. My first reaction? Completely disappointment. The light was so weak. A second later, I realized I hadn't switched beam strength yet. *Click* brighter. *Click* Ok, that's better. *Click* Now I'm not disappointed. *Click* Ok NOW we're cookin' with gas. *Click* How on earth is this thing so bright???
Seriously, when you get to the 6th light setting, you'll be blown away by the light this little guy puts out. But the real test came at night....

We live on a stretch of land cut out from the woods, deep out in the country. While we have lighting around the different homes spread out on the edges of our land, it gets really dark if there isn't a full moon.
Sooner or later, there's something one of us has to fix on our land in the middle of the night. So there's no shortage of flashlights and portable floodlights at our disposal. But this bad boy takes the cake, for the size.

I took it out at night to check on one of our well water pumps that wouldn't stop running. Heard a coyote howl on one end of our land just by the treeline, and chorus of replies from a pack of them at the edge of our land closest to where I was. Coyotes usually leave people alone, but I didn't want them bothering any of the animals. Pointed the flashlight to one area of the treeline a few acres away, it was like I left a portable floodlight out there. Very powerful. Not only does it throw a beam like nobody's business, it's durable.
I know because our Little Girl already dropped it on the patio, and it's still working fine. Waterproof if you drop it in a puddle. It does get very hot near the lens, when you have it at the highest brightness setting. Won't burn my hand like similar ones, but it definitely gets hot. Long story short, it's worth the asking price. Now, about that secret use for it....


There's a trick I learned a lifetime ago, as a Boy Scout. Doesn't work with all flashlights, but is absolutely PERFECT for this one. There is no real point to this, it's just something I do for fun lol.

1. Go outside to your yard late at night. Ideally on a dry night, but it will still work even if there's condensation around.

2. Turn the flashlight on the highest setting.

3. Place the back (end) of the flashlight directly between your eyes. The end of the flashlight should be touching the skin between your eyes, the beam shining away from you.

4. Keeping the flashlight perfectly straight (like it was bolted to your head), scan your head around and look at the ground, grass, plants, bushes, tree trunks, weeds, etc. Walk around. Move side to side. Position your head at different angles.

And you'll see it.

Bright twinkling lights in the grass, or wherever else you look. Sometimes green. Sometimes they sparkle what looks like multiple colors. And sometimes they start to move. Congrats, you've located every spider that was otherwise invisible to you at night.
What's happening is the light bounces off the tapetum, which is an iridescent layer right behind their retinas. Kind of like how a cat's eyes reflect, only with spiders it's an eerie glow/sparkle. You're able to see it because the source of the light is perfectly level with your own eyes, so you're getting the perfect reflection. The creepy part is that if you're seeing sparkles, they're basically looking at you lol.

Move around a bit, you'll see plenty more. As I said, we live out in the country. I don't have to walk more than 10 feet from our home, and the grass, weeds, and bushes are absolutely peppered with twinkling eyes.
You'll be blown away at just how many spiders are out there, and that's just the ones looking in your direction. Our Little Girl loves going "spider sniffing" with me at night. We've done it plenty of times with other small flashlights. But since this one is so ridiculously bright, you can see more, and the twinkling is much brighter.
My Wife has a friend that's deathly afraid of spiders, she graciously passed on a chance to test the new flashlight out this way. She'd rather not know what's been lurking in the same grass that she sat on earlier that day lol.

Should you get this light? No doubt at all, order it today. Add it to your shopping cart now, check out, and you'll be using it in a few days. It's strong and durable. Waterproof in the rain, or in case you drop it somewhere. Able to withstand abuse. And as far as handheld torches go, I don't think I've ever seen something this size pack the lumens punch that it does.
It's not cheap, but then again, the highest quality things seldom are. When you buy this today, you're investing in a quality light that will serve your needs for many years to come.

by Peter Weyland


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