3 Ways to find North without a Compass

by Survivalistknowledge.com

Moss on trees

Moss is often called nature’s compass because it grows only in the direction of south. So generally, moss will be concentrated on parts of the trees and rock that are pointing southwards. This way, the north is just the end of the trees that seem to be moss-free.

Sun and Watch 

An analog watch can also be used as a substitute to a compass. When using it, a person should only have it and nothing more. First, the watch should be checked to show the correct time during the day. Then, the hour hand of the watch should point towards the sun. After that, while holding the watch in place, a person should imagine an angle being formed by the firstly, hour hand and then a line that comes from the 12 o’clock and running to the center of the watch. In the mind, a line should be drawn that is bisecting the same angle. This imaginary line will point toward the south as long as the person is in the Northern Hemisphere. With this direction, a person can figure out really quickly where the north lies as well.

Sun Rise and Set 

One of the most straightforward ones, this method includes simply following the path of the sun through the sky. In the northern hemisphere, the sun follows the line from east to west. The same line is a certain guarantee that the north can be easily found as well. When standing in the same line and facing west, a person’s right arm will be pointing directly towards the north.

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